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The Journey Continues

1999: Bird Lover. Our first cockatiel, a live wire named Crockatiel Dundee, made us lifetime bird lovers. He's now flown on to the Great Aviary, but we still cherish his memory.

2009: On the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel.

I'm active in Kairos Prison Ministry and in 2009 was able to attend the first international conference of Kairos held in Canada. Ruth snapped this photo of me en route.

2010: Riverfront Jester. We made a trip to New Orleans to meet with some friends. The way the city has been spiffed-up since we left New Orleans in 1981 is impressive, even considering the impact of Hurricane Katrina. I might have a career as a Mardi Gras figurehead.

2012: My hometown, Chipley, Florida, unveiled a picture honoring my father and uncle for their service in World War II. I was honored to be asked to make a few remarks at the unveiling.

2015: My wife and I fulfill a long-cherished dream to visit France. Among the historic and artistic treasures we saw was the castle of Chateau-Gaillard in Normandy.