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Clio's Temple


Ready (almost) for launch

Posted on July 7, 2018 at 4:30 PM
My long-delayed novel, Faith, Hope, and Dr. Vangelis, has now completed a professional edit and is ready to move ahead through the next steps of the publication process. This is my second completed novel, but the first to be at an advanced stage of readiness for publication.

My thanks go out to the members of the Assassins Guild who critiqued the entire manuscript: Mary Beth Gibson, Sasscer Hill, and Bettie Williams. Additional thanks go to Ronald Nelson and Evelyn Beck, who served as beta readers, and Meredith Hawcroft, who did the now-completed edit of the manuscript.

Dr. Vangelis poses the question, "In a world of pain, who heals the healer?" The protagonist is Dr. Lukas Vangelis, a man worn down by the burdens of being a hospice physician. To outward appearances, he's a man of admirable strength and compassion, but one disturbed by memories of his past sins. His niece, Diana Karras, who is his indispensable support in his mission, bears her own burden of pain and hostility toward those who've hurt her over the years.

Lukas, a man of vision, has lately been unsettled by visions of those long dead. When he has a chance encounter with two fellow World War II veterans, he receives a new message: these men will point him to the path that will bring him at last to the rest he so desperately needs. His struggles to find the path, and "the one who is to follow" him, form the skeleton of the story.

I hope to have Dr. Vangelis on the market next spring. Further tantalizing details will soon follow.

Categories: Fiction and Life, Human Destiny