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Clio's Temple


Sweet Brew and a Cherry Cane

Posted on July 17, 2013 at 3:16 PM
The arrival of a truckload of horse statues knocks the stuffiness out of an overbearing homeowners association.

"That was the last time I saw the remaining statues in Mr. Elliott's driveway. Sunday afternoon I rode my bike with Andy and almost crashed into him as we glided past Wanda's front yard. At the edge of her lawn stood the statue Patriotism parallel to the horse Regions Spirit of Aiken in Hazel's yard, with a gigantic hammock stretched between them. What was weirder yet was the Wanda and Hazel were sitting in the hammock, laughing at something they were pointing to in a magazine."
"In all my eleven years I never thought I would see what I saw that day. Hazel was laughing. Wanda was having fun. And they weren't policing anybody or hollering orders through a yellow bullhorn."

Sweet Brew and a Cherry Cane: Just the mix to turn a gloomy day bright or to make even a misanthrope glad to be alive.

Nights of Horseplay: Coming from BLS Aiken, LLC in September.

Categories: Horses, Life in Aiken

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